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Back in the Saddle!
I made a concerted effort in June to put together a bunch of short stories. This month, I'm going to give each of them a quick edit, and then I'm going to start paying Duotrope to use their services again. With luck, and persistence, I'll be able to start putting out a short story or two each month! I just have to make sure to write at least two per month, one for my website, and one for submission.

A Work in Progress

I've got this idea that I've been working on, slowly, for a new website. A book review website, but one with a couple of twists that I think the authors and readers out there will appreciate. There's still a lot to do, but I have high hopes for this project. High hopes.

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Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Writers, Welcome:

Feel free to browse the website. I think you'll find the links page particularly useful as I have links to a variety of websites specifically designed for writers.

You might also want to check out my lessons page, a collection of lessons I've learned in the years and years (and years) I've spent trying to become an author.

Readers, Welcome:

I've got stories up for you to look through. I also have links to the websites of other authors you might be interested in, and I have my own personal reviews of books, television shows, and movies you might like.

All Others, Welcome:

I don't know how you stumbled across my website, but I'm glad you've arrived, please look around, you may find something you enjoy, or you might find a link to another site that fits your interests more closely.