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So a writing buddy of mine is doing a writer link thing. It has two parts, part one: the questions.

'What are you working on?

I'm working on a project called The Dreamer. It's about a young writer who wakes up after a bike accident and finds himself alive in the world he's been creating. When he goes to sleep, he finds himself back in the real world. Every time he's asleep in one world he wakes in the other. I stole some of the idea from a t.v. show I enjoyed that got canceled too soon.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Hmm, I'd say my sense of humor, and the amount of effort I put into figuring out the less than obvious rammifications of the what I change in the world. Basically, I look for the downside to every upside, and the upside to every downside.

Why do you write what you write?

Easy! It's what I like to read! The feeling I get when I read a really enjoyable book is what I want to share with the world.

How does your process work?

Well, its sort of a cycle. When I've just finished a book, I try to immediately move on to a new project. The new project falls apart. I try again and find that I can't even get a decent start. I try to think of something to do and become convinced that I have nothing new to say and will never write again. I cry. Eventually I see or read something that connects to an idea I had years and years ago. I think about. I start writing again.

Other Writers in the Circle

Ian Healy Ian Thomas Healy is a prolific writer who dabbles in many different speculative genres. Heís a nine-time participant and winner of National Novel Writing Month where heís tackled such diverse subjects as sentient alien farts, competitive forklift racing, a religion-powered rabbit-themed superhero, cyberpunk mercenaries, cowboy elves, and an unlikely combination of vampires with minor league hockey.
Shawn McGuire Shawn McGuire is the author of young adult, coming-of-age novels that blend contemporary settings with a touch of fantasy and magic. She started writing after seeing the first Star Wars movie (thatís episode IV) as a kid: she couldnít wait for the next one so wrote her own episodes. Sadly, those notebooks are long lost, but her desire to write is as strong now as it was then. She grew up in the beautiful Mississippi River town of Winona, Minnesota, the small town that inspired the setting for Sticks and Stones and the upcoming Break My Bones. After graduating college she moved to the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) where she lived for many years. She and her family now call Colorado home and when not writing or reading, Shawn enjoys cooking and baking, crafts, interior decorating, and spending time hiking and camping in the spectacular Rocky Mountains.
Julie Kazimer When Kazimer isn't looking for the perfect place to hide the bodies, she spends her time surrounded by cats with attitude and a little puppy named Killer. Other hobbies include murdering houseplants, kayaking, snowboarding, reading and theater. After years of slacking, she received a master's degree in forensic psychology, which she promptly ignored and started writing novels for little to no money.

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