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Ah Yes, the Heat
There are things that I love about Texas. I love being close to my parents. I love being able to visit so many of my friends. I love having access to the farm. What I don't love, is the heat. It's still March, and some days I find myself lying under the fan trying to remember why I came back here. Maybe I'll get lucky and we'll find ourselves in the middle of a nice ice age before the time comes for me to take over the family farm. Fingers crossed.

Alas, Duotrope, I knew thee well!

I miss duotrope. My gosh that was a useful website. So well organized, so user friendly, I could keep a dozen short stories out to a dozen different magazines and tell at a glance where they all were. When duotrope turned into a pay website I was upset. I'd donated to them multiple times and I felt frustrated that they'd become a pay place when I was doing my part. But I think I'm going to have to cinch my belt and invest a few bucks, because I need to get my work out there, and Duotrope is the only thing I've ever had that made that easy.

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