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A friend's post on facebook led me to a website called Fiction Arcade and I have to say, this looks freakin' fantastic! Basically, writers can post their short stories and give people the opportunity to buy them for 20/40/60/80 cents. I posted a bunch of mine for 20 cents. The stories that I wasn't able to publish elsewhere, but which I think are good enough to sell, anyhow. It's a great place for authors to seek more exposure, and for readers to try out new authors for almost nothing. Plus, you can read the first half of the story before deciding if you want to buy the story or not!

Trials of submission

As I mentioned last month, I'm submitting short stories again. As I write this, I've had 5 rejections and no acceptances. In truth, that's nothing. Most short stories are rejected, not as consistantly as, say, books, but you have to search to find a place that accepts more than ten percent of what's submitted to them. Still, it stings. But I have to admit, it doesn't sting as much as it once did.

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Death's Autograph by Marianne MacDonald

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